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The#1 reason Christian kids lose their faith is the teaching of evolution as fact. Are you prepared?

**Between 50-70% of kids will lose their faith during their teen and young adult years.

Of course you care!

What Christian doesn't want their children to profess Jesus as Lord all their lives?!! We all do!

But, we are all busy! And, most of us are not scientists. AND the terminology is confusing... Macro-Evolution, Micro-Evolution, Creation Science, Scientific Creation, Gap-Theory...What does it all mean?

Let's face it, almost every science library book is going to have evolution stated as fact.

Almost every science show on television is going to show evolution as fact.

Every newspaper article dealing with the latest evolution "proof" is going to show evolution as fact!

Do you have time to research and explain that...

  Evolution is the greatest hoax of the 20th century?

I"ve been publishing ANTI-EVOLUTION curriculum since 1994 and realize evolutionists are not happy by the progress being made my smart, scientific researchers who are pointing out the fallacies of evolution. Evolutionists are angry!

What about your kids? Do they understand both what Creation vs. Evolution means?

Kids wonder...

(But, shhh! They don't want their parents to know they have doubts about God!)

Who really created the world?

Why does it matter?

What's God got to do with it?

Isn't there lots of proof for evolution?

How do we know the Bible is TRUE? 

History and science networks teach evolution as fact!

If it's on TV and in books evolution must be TRUE! 

Everyone says dinosaurs roamed the world millions of years ago...

...how do YOU know they didn't?



What do  YOU think?

Can you answer all their questions?

Your kids need you!  

These are real questions I've heard from Christian kids through the years in church and in classes I teach! And, I've interviewed a Christian who became an atheist at the age of 11-12. Why? Because of conflicting teaching by her Christian school! EVEN though her father told her that the Bible was true and had a strong Christian faith!

Her father couldn't articulate the answers she needed!

Can you explain  why Evolution is false?

Can you explain the scientific evidence for Creation ?  

You are going to LOVE our sessions. I am interviewing and hosting some of the BEST scientists and authors who have given their lives to helping kids keep their faith and bring the LOST back into the fold! 

Here are the insider secrets that evolutionists don't want you to know!.

I'm here to help you!

I'm Felice Gerwitz, your host! I have over 25 years of homeschool experience, as an educator, home-educator, as an author of creation books, as a speaker, and publisher!  (Media Angels, Inc.)

... and with the help of some of my friends I am hosting the first ever Homeschool Online Creation Conference !

You will learn...

The lies of evolution.

Evolution is not a fact.

An understanding of Science that it doesn't "prove."

The terminology.

About age dating.

Where dinosaurs fit in.

A dinosaur museum interactive tour.

Radio programs just for kids.

About the fossil record.

The connection between evolution and abortion.

The connection between evolution and the loss of Christian faith. And so much more!

Where? From the comfort of your home computer.

We make it easy!

Join us for our ground breaking event.

Christianity is between God and US.

However, we can help!

Do you want the assurance of knowing your kids have a strong, Biblical foundation for their faith?

So do we!

Relevant information you can listen to on YOUR time.

Teens lose their Christian faith at the rate of 50-70%  Are you prepared to answer thief questions? Friends don't wait!

This webinar will arm you with the information YOU need.


and there is more a ...

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Are you confused with the Terminology? Don't be!

This Creation Convention has the answers!

Even if Evolution IS taught as a "FACT" AND it is a fact that some scientists have lost their jobs, and tenure by *discussing* Creation there is still hope!!



Parents, arm yourself with truth!

Join us for this life changing convention.

The evidence for Creation is compelling!

Just Look at a Our ULTIMATE

Creation Seminars Speakers This Year:

Dr. Jay Wile

Dr. G. Thomas Sharp

Dr. Wanliss

Dr. Carl Werner

Christina Gerwitz Moss

Tom DeRosa

Joe Taylor

Hugh Owen

Hugh Miller

Otis Kline

Felice Gerwitz

Kim Jones

Meredith Curtis

Pastor Mike Curtis

Sharon Jeffus  

Exciting and All in One Place!

In this conference You will hear...

Why the WORD of God should be taken as truth

and WHY evolutionists would like you to believe only uneducated people consider Biblical Creationism true.  

~Topics include~

Creation Expo 2012 ~  Arming Christians to Combat Evolution
1.   Otis Kline ~ FACT Museum Tour.
2.   Meredith Curtis ~ Homeschooling With Genesis!
3.   Jay Ryan Astronomer ~ Interview teaching Astronomy
4.   Michael Oard ~ Meteorologist Interview
5.   Hugh Owen ~ Evolution and the Culture of Death
6.   Dr. Thomas Sharp ~ Biblical View of Dinosaurs
7.   Mike Curtis ~ Why I Believe
8.   Tom DeRosa: Earth and Itís
9.   Kim Jones ~ Author, Case of The Mystery Rangers
10. Kim Jones ~ Mystery Rangers Radio Show Episode 1 ~ Kids
11. Kim Jones ~ Mystery Rangers Radio Show Episode ~ Kids
12. KimJones_Creation Adventures For Kids ~ Kids
13. Felice Gerwitz ~ Creation Anatomy Introduction
14. Tom DeRosa ~ Where Are All the Fossils
15. Dr. Jay Wile ~ Creation vs. Evolution
16. Felice Gerwitz ~ What Is Creation?
17. Felice Gerwitz ~ Where Did All The Dinosaurs Go?
18. Felice Gerwitz ~ Are You A Truth Seeker
19. Felice Gerwitz ~ Evolution/Proofing Part 1
20. Felice Gerwitz ~ Evolution/Proofing Part 2
21. Dr. Thomas Sharp ~ Mt. Saint Helenís
22. Joe Taylor ~ Soft Tissue and Carbon Dating
23. Sharon Jeffus ~ Teaching Art Through Creation
24. Jenn Hoskins ~ Interview with a Former Child Atheist
25. Felice Gerwitz ~ Arming a Generation of Christians to Combat
26. Tom DeRosa: Evolutionís Fatal Fruit
27. Dr. Thomas Sharp ~ Darwinism and the Decline of the Bible in the Twentieth
28. Hugh Miller: Fossils and Dinosaurs Part 1 ~ For Children
29. Hugh Miller: Fossils and Dinosaurs Part 2  ~ For Children
30. Christina Moss ~ Interview Part 1- Author Truth Seekers Mystery Series
31. Christina Moss ~ Interview Part 2 Ė Author Truth Seekers Mystery Series
32. Dr. Carl Werner: The Fossil Record of Bats

Workshops presented by your favorite speakers and authors .

Bonus audios that will help you make teaching Scientific Creationism easy!

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No large crowds! No outrageous gas bills! No makeup!No parking miles away! No walking for blocks and blocks! No lugging big loads or kids around! No expensive trips or hotel stays! No babysitters! No rushing around so you can catch every speaker or finding they have run out of books! No choosing between which workshops to attend.

In fact ... NO missing ANY workshops!

Just join us for our Ultimate Creation Conference and

Get ready to dive into the science with your kids...

Great Audios ~ wonderful handouts and all from home !

Many amazing and credentialed speakers will astound you! You will have a new appreciation for the wonderful world God has created.

Hi! I'm Cindy Rushton the creator of the Ultimate Homeschool Expo. I'm so excited to see Felice continuing the tradition with truly ULTIMATE expos in niche topics! She has taken these expos uplevel! I especially love this topic. It is so important for each and every homeschool student to be prepared for life. PLUS! You will love the convenience of listening to these audios again and again. You will not want to miss this ULTIMATE set. It is one of the very best ever!  


 Hi Felice,
You, precious friend are a treasured blessing in my life and in all the lives of everyone who knows you!!  Listening and reading you share your heart brings so much joy and encouragement to Mothers everywhere!
I am truly grateful for you. I pray you and your family are abundantly blessed this with all the wonderful gifts Father God so richly gives.

The Grant Family

Oh! friends, this is NOT your
typical convention!

Let me share this testimony ...

I have several personal friends who raised their kids in Christian homes with all the "correct" curriculum, and church activities. Upon leaving home, many of these children have turned their backs on God and all explain the following reason...


Please join us to keep your children from becoming a statistic!

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